Concrete Cleaning & Sealing

Rejuvenate your stamped concrete or your broom finished driveway and sidewalks by cleaning and sealing them. This will protect them from the weather and restore them as if they were brand new. Cleaning and sealing your concrete protects your investment and saves you time and money down the road.


Sealers protect your concrete surfaces from water and salt damage, stains, oil, and other contaminants. Whether it’s a stamped driveway, a broom finished sidewalk, an acid stained foyer, or patio of interlocking pavers, using a good sealer is absolutely crucial to protecting your concrete surfaces. Sealers protect against oil stains, tire marks, yellowing, fading, dirt, mud, mold, chemicals, and damage from the elements.


A good sealant makes maintenance easy. If you have a surface that has begun to show wear and tear, you can often restore it to its original beauty with a cleaning and fresh sealer application.


There are various types of sealers available. Some are penetrating and others are film forming. Penetrating sealers are better for outdoor applications as they are safer, last longer, and look more natural.