Concrete Patio Sealing Service

Concrete Patio Sealing

Patio and walkway maintenance is also often an area that is overlooked by homeowners. It is essential to protect and maintain your investment properly with a professionally applied top-quality sealer. After your new patio has cured (we recommend 28 days), it is important to seal the slab. Then we recommend regularly scheduling a sealing every 2- 4 years to help maintain the beautiful appearance of your concrete surface.

A sealed concrete patio is armored against the elements of nature. Unprotected surfaces experience a greater chance of developing unsightly stains and risk fading and cracking. The right sealer can keep leaves, dirt, fertilizer, and all liquids from penetrating the surface. This protection is especially crucial for stamped concrete patios where moisture collects in the low spots of the stamped pattern, causing erosion.

The unpredictable weather of Western New York can wreak havoc on unprotected surfaces. The summer UV exposure may fade the stained color in one season and leaves your investment looking dull. And our harsh winters and freeze/thaw cycle causes cracking and flaking when water penetrates the surface and then expands when it freezes. Sealant blocks water from sinking into the concrete.

Call Armor Concrete and let us help you protect and enhance your patios and walkways. Our professional application of concrete sealer will extend the life of your investment by increasing its durability and helping to avoid costly repairs in the future.

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