Concrete Services


The process for finishing an interior concrete floor is to grind the surface down until it is smooth. Based on your needs, the amount of grinding will vary per job. Shallow grinding is often used to prepare the surface for polishing or for a solid-color epoxy, while a deeper grind can expose the small stones in the concrete, providing a unique texture to your concrete floor.


Acid Staining will give your floors an amazing and bold look. Turn you’re the ordinary concrete into an upscale surface that looks like marble or glazed stone. Each concrete slab accepts the stain in varying degrees of intensity creating stunning, multi colored variations to the surface.

Epoxy Flooring

After grinding concrete floors, a protective coating is applied. There is a wide variety of options depending on the look you desire. A simple polish can be applied. For garage floors, a solid-color epoxy is typically applied followed by a scattering of colored vinyl chips to create a uniform finish. To showcase the concrete's natural aggregate, a clear urethane coat provides long-lasting beauty and durability.


Rejuvenate your stamped concrete or broom finished driveway and sidewalks with our concrete cleaning services. Armor Concrete will help to protect your concrete from the Buffalo, NY weather while restoring it as if it were new.


Our sealing service will help protect your concrete surfaces from water and salt damage, stains, oil, and other contaminants. Whether it's a stamped driveway, a broom finished sidewalk, an acid stained foyer, or a patio of interlocking pavers, using a high-quality sealer is crucial to protect your surfaces.